The 8th Circuit Plays With Itself

Let's Play 'Mann vs Machine' Part 2 [Video]


On the last episode of Dragonba-*ahem*-8th-Circuit Let's Play, our heroes faced wave after wave of deadly robots. Starting right where we left off, they will have to face... MORE DEADLY ROBOTS! Will they survive?! Will they succeed?! Will Moo be able to run fast enough to reverse time to undo everything?! Find out all this, and more, as this thrilling emotional roller-coaster of MVM continues!

Let's Play 'Mann vs Machine' Part 1 [Video]


5 incredibly skilled and sexy men demonstrate the spirit of giving by taking in poor wayward soldiers and giving them some fancy items and hats. Also, along the way we kill some robots and whatnot.

Watch The Super Circuitcast Guys Crash Castles, Pt 2


Want to see some of the guys from the Super Circuitcast play some Castle Crashers? Of course you do! Check out part 2 of our Let's Play series below.

Watch The Super Circuitcast Guys Crash Castles


Watch the first part of a new series we're calling "The 8th Circuit Plays with Itself." No, seriously, Watch it. It's right down there. Just... just click "read more" and watch it. Just do it.

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