More Game Devs Want to Work at Valve than Anywhere Else


The International Game Developers Association polled over 2,200 developers working in the industry, and asked them which studio or publisher they would like to work for. The result? Everyone wants to work at Valve.

BioWare's Next RPG is Called Shadow Realms, Will Feature 4v1 Multiplayer


Bioware has announced their latest project, and it's probably not what you expected. Set in a "modern fantasy world," Shadow Realms will feature 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer with action RPG gameplay.

Hey! Don't Forget There Were Some Victories For Diversity This E3


I’m a whiner, a bitcher, a complainer. I’m far more likely to point out the negatives than the positives. Today I’m going to break that mold and talk about some positive things that happened for representation at E3 this year. Especially with controversy swirling around Assassin’s Creed: Unity and the new Zelda game, I feel like it wouldn’t go amiss to point out some of the really good things that are going on.

Mass Effect 4 Behind-the-Scenes Footage Revealed


Bioware teased the next Mass Effect game during EA's press conference today. There isn't anything too revealing in it, but we do get some pretty good looks at the current prototype and some concept art.

Remastered Mass Effect Trilogy Being Considered for Next-Gen


A Mass Effect trilogy collection was released for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 in 2012. Now it seems that there is talk at Bioware of remastering the three games for a re-release on the current-gen platforms.

BioWare's New IP is in a Playable State


BioWare is currently working on a brand new IP with the core team behind the Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect series. While almost nothing about this mysterious project has been announced, producer Casey Hudson did reveal that the game is already playable.

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Next 'Mass Effect' Will Not Relate to Shepard's Story at All


Despite the controversy over how Mass Effect 3 was ended, a fourth game in the series is still eagerly anticipated by fans of the universe. The next installment is still probably quite a ways off, but today we've gotten our first real bit of information.

Check Out Two Minutes of 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Gameplay


Curious what the third Dragon Age game is going to look like? Well two minutes of in-game footage has debuted online, and it's pretty impressive stuff. There's plenty of sword clanging, spell slinging, and all of the stuff we've come to expect. We're still almost a year away from what we hope will be a Q3 2014 release, but it's already looking pretty polished. Check the game out below.

Get Some Sexy Game Developers in Your 2014 Calendar


Aw yeah, does your calander not have enough sexy game developers in it? Well, make sure you fix that in 2014. More details and some sample pictures below.

EA Reveals Free-to-Play 'Dragon Age' Mobile Game


EA and BioWare have announced a new Dragon Age game. No, it's not Dragon Age 4. Instead, it will be a "freemium" downloadable title for the iPhone and Android devices. Titled Heroes of the Dragon Age, the game allows players to purchase and collect characters from the DA universe, forming them into a team that can do battle against AI and human opponents online.

Report: 'Dragon Age' Writer Quit BioWare Due to Fans' Death Threats


A new report indicates that after the release of Dragon Age II, writer Jennifer Helper received numerous death threats, not only in regards to herself but aimed at her children as well. The game was not positively received by some fans, and many on the team working on Dragon Age II have received similar types of threats. Helper reportedly was “able to ignore most of the threats and abuse on the BioWare forums and Twitter [however] she also received emailed death threats and threats against her children, as well as abusive phone calls.”

Ewoks Arriving in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic'


Playable Ewok companions will soon be arriving in Star Wars: The Old Republic. To unlock one once Patch 2.3 lands you'll need a legacy level 40+ account and a smooth million credits (or some Cartel Coins).

First Screenshot Revealed for 'Dragon Age: Inquisition'


Bioware has released the first in-game screenshot from Dragon Age: Inquisition.  This is the third title in the fantasy RPG series and is due for release next year.

Former 'Mass Effect' Lead Writer Reveals Details of the Original Ending to the Trilogy


The ending of Mass Effect 3 certainly wasn't a home run for a lot of fans, but it's a testament to the strength of the series as a whole that we're still talking about it. In a recent interview Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2's lead writer Drew Karpyshyn discussed some of the original ideas the team had for the end of the trilogy.

Next 'Mass Effect' Will Borrow Game Mechanics from 'Dragon Age'


According to Bioware Montreal's studio director Yanick Roy, the next Mass Effect game will have quite a bit in common with the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. Roy posted on Twitter that the first design doc for the Mass Effect followup has been completed, before revealing that the game will be "borrowing" core mechanics from Dragon Age


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