Facebook Tests Labeling Satirical Content To Spare Idiots From Themselves


MarketWatch, the kind of publication that puts the stock tag and most recent performance after the name of any company they mention, recently revealed that Facebook is testing a bracketed "satire" tag in front of fake news stories like those run by The Onion or Hard Dawn. This will keep the clueless rabble from complaining when they've been duped into believing a story about a clueless local Facebook user. It might also help curb mainstream media reporting on these false news stories. In so much as cable news can be considered "reporting."

The Super Circuitcast! 04/02/14! Facebook Buys Virtual Reality (Seriouser)! [Podcast]


Matt, Moo, Rami, and S talk about the importance of Facebook's purchase of the Oculus Rift. For realsies this time. The crew discusses various industry and fan views that are flying around, expressing some of their opinions on the purchase.

The Super Circuitcast! Facebook Buys Virtual Reality! [Podcast]


Matt, Moo, Rami, and S talk about the importance of Facebook's purchase of the Oculus Rift.

Oculus Responds to Facebook Acquisition, but Only Zuckerberg Really Knows What's Going On


A lot of words are being written and said about Facebook buying up Oculus. Some of those words by some astute and intelligent writers right here at 8CN. Before I get too deep into it let me say that nobody knows what’s going to happen. I don’t. The people in charge of Oculus don’t. Not even Mark Zuckerberg knows exactly what’s going to happen because nobody really knows what virtual reality is going to look like in a year. Plenty of people have plans for it. Sony recently unveiled Project Morpheus, it’s own virtual reality headset for the PS4. There are other players than Oculus. They don’t necessarily get to make the rules.

Facebook Acquires Oculus: Not a Sign of the End Times


Okay, by now you've probably heard the news that Facebook has acquired Oculus, the company behind the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset for PC gaming. Despite what some people seem to want to imply about this purchase, this is not, in fact, a sign of the end times. In fact, this could prove to be beneficial.

Notch Cancels Minecraft for Oculus Following Facebook Buyout


Mojang's Markus "Notch" Persson has announced that an Oculus Rift-compatible version of Minecraft has been cancelled following the VR company's acquisition by Facebook.

Facebook Buys Oculus VR to the Tune of $2 Billion


No, April Fool's Day isn't here early. The social network behemoth is moving into the burgeoning virtual reality scene by buying Oculus VR.

Burger King Targets Specific Employees?


The work force has become quite cutthroat in recent years with so many people losing jobs and so many more actively looking for work.  With the competition so fierce, a Burger King in Ephrata, Washington was very specific about who they wanted to apply.  Yes, I said Burger King.

Lost ‘Return of the Jedi’ Footage Released


Some never before seen Return of the Jedi footage has been released.  One lucky and perhaps destined eBay customer purchased a laser disc for $699.  On that disc were 30-minutes of bliss.

Guardians of the Galaxy Wraps. Ask for a Trailer and Be 'Blocked and Then, Possibly, Murdered'


Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn announced via his Facebook page on Friday that principal photography for the oddball Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two film has officially wrapped.

8 Ways Technology is Helping Your Elders Get Even [Editorial]


Remember being young and tech savvy, and how your parents held all of it against you? It was just the beginning. The most astounding advancement in our current technological revolution is not the development of the touch screen, but the rise of older users. The same people who once mused, “What is the Facebook?” and posed the question, “How do you get to the 'Goggle' page?” are now all over social media and can Google like champs. Here are the ways our relationship with technology first frustrated our elders, and then became the very reasons our elders frustrate us.

New 'Ender's Game' Trailer Tomorrow, Watch a Sneak Peak


The Ender’s Game trailer that debuted at Comic Con is set to release online tomorrow at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.  Thanks to Facebook, you can watch a teaser of the trailer below.  It is just bits and pieces of the movie with snaps of dialogue thrown in, yet it still looks awesome.  I definitely want to see the full trailer now. Check out the trailer after the break.

Zynga Sues 'Bang With Friends' Over Trademark Infringement


Zynga Inc. is suing Bang With Friends Inc., the maker of the Bang With Friends casual sex application, claiming that the company is infringing on Zynga’s trademark of “with friends” family of games.

Remote Play is Back: Play PS4 Games on the Vita, Share Video, Do Other Social Stuff


Gaikai, the company that recently grabbed domains for "PlayStation Cloud," took the stage today at the big Sony event to announce the cross-play and social capabilities of the PS4. Certain upcoming titles will be completely compatible with the PS Vita, allowing you to literally stop playing on one console, and pick up right where you left off on the other.

Review: The Social Network


When it was announced that David Fincher, acclaimed director of such films as Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, was going to be at the helm of a movie about Facebook, a lot of people were skeptical. Some were worried that it was just a quick film to cash in on the popularity of the internet phenomenon while others were concerned that it just wouldn’t be that interesting. Luckily, neither of these is true.


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