Jokemon Art Cast Ep. 11


Oh ho ho, or something because they didn't post one during Christmas week.  I actually killed them.  Which is why they didn't make a podcast.  But I brought them back to life and demanded they make one this week.  Du er velkommen.  Or something like that.  This week, the Jokemon crew talk about the upcoming Deva Zan film, Gal Gun telephone cards, Minimal Mario, and other random otaku babble.  If you enjoy what they talk about or just love them, check the podcast after the break.

Jokemon Art Cast Ep. 10


Hey all, new week, new Art Cast.  This week, the Jokemon crew talks a little about Tron: Legacy, the new Yogi Bear film, plus Minecraft going from its alpha to beta phase.  They also discuss the anime and manga ban that recently passed in Japan and Sega's new, um, pee game.  Fun times to be had by all? 

Jokemon Episode 2


Episode 2 of the Jokemon Art Cast is now online for your listening pleasure.  This week, the crew talks about Rei Ayanami running, Yozakura Quartet, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Sonic Fan Remix, Super Meat Boy, and Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal Edition.  Their artist of the week is kaze-hime.  If this is relevant to your interests, check it out and be sure to subscribe via RSS or iTunes.

Jokemon Episode 1


Wow, what is this? I'll tell you what this is, a brand new podcast! Now I know no one could ever replace the soothing, sultry sound of Matt's voice; or the lyrical musings of Musashi's brain-thing, so we won't try! The 8th-Circuit will now be running two podcasts (zomg right?), each with their own crew and focus.

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