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The Super Circuitcast! 10/08/14! Drinking and Video Games! [Podcast]


Do you like drinking and play video games? Do you like drinking in video games? Do you like playing drinking games? Well good news, because this week, Matt, Ryan, Moo, Rami, and Sean discuss the connections between alcohol and gaming! Grab a nice cold one, and listen in. 

The Super Circuitcast! 08/13/14! Mass Effect 3 and Spooky Games! [Podcast]


Join our intrepid heroes this week as they discuss the joys of revisiting Mass Effect 3 and the tenants of game design in horror games. Careful, this episode may prove to be 2spooky4u. Listen at your own risk.

Fan Writes 400-Page 'Revision' for 'Mass Effect 3' (No, Really)


Greg Pugliese, a man who can only politely be described as “ambitious,” has written a 400-page script for 2012’s sci-fi rpg Mass Effect 3 called Mass Effect 3: Vindication. The new fan-made ‘fix’ has new missions, dialogue, tweaked relationships, and dedicates nearly a third if itself to alternative story endings.  

Former 'Mass Effect' Lead Writer Reveals Details of the Original Ending to the Trilogy


The ending of Mass Effect 3 certainly wasn't a home run for a lot of fans, but it's a testament to the strength of the series as a whole that we're still talking about it. In a recent interview Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2's lead writer Drew Karpyshyn discussed some of the original ideas the team had for the end of the trilogy.

Review: Mass Effect 3 ‘Citadel’ DLC


After the debacle over the ending, and mediocre DLC expansions, Mass Effect 3 has decided to leave on a high note. Mass Effect 3: Citadel is terrific. Not only is it fun, heart pounding, and witty, but it’s also endearing. You realize almost as soon as you start that it’s not just Commander Shepard’s “final” mission, it’s the last goodbye to a cast of characters we’ve been with for nearly 5 years.

'Mass Effect 3: Citadel' DLC Gets a Last-Minute Trailer


Looks like EA and Bioware want to remind you that there's a new Mass Effect 3 DLC coming out tomorrow, and they're doing so with a last-minute trailer. Check it out after the jump.

'Mass Effect 3's Last Single Player DLC Comes Out in Less than 2 Weeks


It’s almost been a year since the release of Mass Effect 3 in North America.  That means we’ve been listening to people gripe about the infamous ending for almost a year now.  Since then, we’ve seen DLC that tried to explain the existence of the Reapers, get Aria’s lazy butt off her couch, and give us closure to the “WTF” ending.  Nothing so far has adequately given the fans the desired closure, but will the third pay-to-play DLC be the charm? 

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Still More Mass Effect: Omega DLC Launch Trailer


Mass Effect 3 seems like one of the least likely candidates for story-driven DLC, and yet, here's another one. Much like Leviathan, it'll take place sometime before the ending of the game, and thus, probably won't have much of an impact on the larger story. Still, Mass Effect's gameplay is solid, and if you're itching for a chance to step back into Shepard's space-shoes, this looks like a pretty fun ride. Check out the new launch trailer for the DLC below, Omega launches on November 27.

New 'Mass Effect' DLC Will Explore the History of the Reapers


EA's Summer Showcase event has revealed Bioware's plans for a new Mass Effect singleplayer DLC. The story-based expansion will take place during the events of Mass Effect 3, and will have players going deep underwater in a mech suit to explore a massive derelict. There you'll chase clues in your search for a mysterious being rumored to be powerful enough to destroy a Reaper.

Mass Effect 3's New Ending is Mostly Not Bad


Well, there's another notch in the belt that is the long and crazy story of Mass Effect 3's development. Today, gamers around the world revisited Commander Shepard's story to see what Bioware had been cooking up in the 'Extended Ending' DLC. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, and that's pretty much what I got. It certainly improves on quite a bit, and I can say that's it's at least a little better than the original, but overall, it was fairly inconsequential.

Oh Hey, 'Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut' Comes Out Today


Wow, this really snuck up on me. Anyone who talked to me shortly after Mass Effect 3 came out will know that I am no big fan of the ending. Still, I love Bioware, and I am really hoping the "Extended Cut" will help soothe some of the giant issues I had with the finale. The 1.9GB download will be made available for free on the PC, 360, and PS3 later today. Enjoy, and please do let me know what you thought of it.

The Super Circuit Show - Episode 1


One of the things we enjoy doing over at the 8th-circuit, is trying to figure out how best we can please you.  More free stuff?  More videos?  More content?  We constantly strive to make sure you're entertained, and not because we L-O-V-E the delicious cash that rolls in, but because we love you, the audience.  Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to our most recent project, The Super Circuit Show, where you can see our beautiful faces and hear our angelic voices, plus maybe win some free stuff.  Click on to watch the full video.

It's Official: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Coming this Summer


After much, much, much, way too much speculation (of which I am also guilty), it is finally official: Bioware will be releasing an extended "cut" of Mass Effect 3's very controversial ending. It's not completely clear yet how much (if any) gameplay it will involve, but Bioware is promising cinematics and epilogue scenes that will provide "more closure with even more context and clarity," and “will feel more personalized for each player."

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Trailer is Full of Win


The CG trailer for Mass Effect 2 was about as epic as you get, and proved Bioware was definitely on the same level as the Blizzards and the Valves of the gaming world. Not one to rest on their laurels, Bioware is back with a vengeance in their "Take Back Earth" trailer that debuted with tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. Check it out below, it sure is pretty.

New 'Mass Effect' Details, Most Expensive DLC Ever


With Mass Effect 3  is only a few months away, more details on Bioware's changes and plans  are emerging. Among the more interesting news is that Big Fish games will be offering four series of four Mass Effect figurines, each of which will come with "access to downloadable in-game content." The figures are being sold for $17.99 each, or $67.99 for a set of four; making this almost definitely the most expensive pieces of DLC ever released. In addition, German magazine GameStar has quite a bit of new info, including some interesting story bits.


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