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We're Seriously Never Trusting a Piano Again [Podcast]


In this week's story we've got a cleaning business that pays the college bills, but things get a little creepy when we get called to an old, dirty mansion. Will we be brutally murdered, or is this hot millionaire playboy just misunderstood?

Our Newest Podcast Has Adventure, Torture and Maybe Sandwiches


Adventure is around every corner, but will our next choice lead to glorious victory or certain doom? Join Eric, Jen and Peter for Go Your Own Way, an exciting new podcast that follows "choose your own adventure" stories and the mysterious consequences that await.

If You Want Blood, Look at Elric Vol. 1: The Ruby Throne [Comic Review]


Fantasy is a difficult genre for me.  I have constantly encountered books and stories with bland, rehashed characters with unpronounceable quadrisyllabic names.  That is how Michael Moorcock's Elric Volume 1 began for me, but the end result is actually something quite different off the beaten path.  

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The Pull List: Roche Limit Dazzles with a Star-Gazing Heart and Weaponized Hallucinogens


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. This week I picked up Roche Limit off Comixology--it's a stellar noir about the planetary colony "Roche Limit," which was intended to be man's lofty foothold towards the stars, but went the way of Gotham instead. The book's main plot doesn't impress much with the 'missing girl in the city' spiel, but the overarching concept of the Roche Limit and its ill-fated, philanthropist creator has a gravity of its own. 

The Pull List: Aliens: Fire and Stone is... Aggressively Mediocre


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. Usually, in this column, I try to avoid picking a first issue for a limited series. Honestly, though, this week was a little slow at my comic shop, and I like Aliens, so even though Aliens: Fire and Stone is only limited to four issues, I decided to pick it up.

6 Comic Books They've Tried To Ban And How You Can Help Defend Them


It’s Banned Books Week again! It’s a time when we all reflect back on the absolutely filthy books we’ve read in the past (Hello, Tropic of Cancer!) and go to our local libraries to check out the dirtiest books we can find (please not 50 Shades of Anything). It’s also a time to be aware of and fight back against the small minded concerned citizens who believe that we should never be exposed to things that happen in real life in literature. Unsurprisingly comic books and other literature that one might consider nerdy have not been immune to challenge and censorship.

Debbie's Inferno; An Odyssey of Insecurities, And A Kitty Spirit-Guide [Comic Review]


Anne Emond's cartooning is preoccupied with calling people out on their vanities, sillinesses, and emotional hiccups--all fitting practice for her first extended comic, Debbie's Inferno, which takes us on a journey through the troubled soul of one small and saggy girl named Debbie. It's adorably illustrated, maturely written, and sometimes hits too close to home for comfort.

The Pull List: Oddly Normal Begins with Precocious First Issue


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. This week, I'll be taking a look at Otis Frampton's Kickstarted comic seriesOddly Normal, about a girl from a mixed background - a white father and a witch mother. Yeah.

Fantagraphics' 1-Day 1/2 Off Sale: BUY ALL THE THINGS (Or Just These 4 Things)


I just went into debt--here's how you can too! Fantagraphics, arguably the largest indie comics publisher today, is having a 50% off sale on Comixology ending tonight! Check out our must-buy picks amongst the award-winning heavyweights and off-off-off-kilter titles in their collection, and grab yourself some quality non-superhero comics!

This Week's Fabulous Kickstarter Comics Picks: Leviathans, Wilhelm Reich, and More


There's a helluva lot more than only four great Kickstarter comics projects per week, but in the interests of limited time and space, here are our absolute must-see projects: the life and times of orgasmocentric psychologist Wilhelm Reich in deadpan black and white, a claustrophobic deep-sea conspiracy of resource scarcity, hide and seek in the last urban metropolis, and so much more!

Guardians of the Galaxy to Appear on Japan's Marvel Anime


Oh my god, Rocket's head, I'm dying. The above image is from an ongoing anime series in Japan called Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers and while it's not particularly good by most accounts, it will have the distinction of being the next show to featured the Guardians in animated form.

TNT Working on a Live-Action Teen Titans TV Series


The Teen Titans have a long history of comic book appearances, but if you're anything like me, you know them best from the 2003 TV series. That, or the recently revived incarnation of the show, which despite its comedy focus, is actually not bad. Now it seems the Titans might finally be making their way to live-action, with a pilot in the works at TNT.

The Pull List: Smash Together Animal Farm, War of the Worlds, and Watership Down and You Get Wild's End


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. This week, I've chosen Wild's End from writer Dan Abnett and Illustrator I.N.J. Culbard. Mix a little War of the WorldsWatership DownAnimal Farm, and throw in a little Earthbound, and you're on the right track in terms of what to expect.

The Pull List: Grant Morrison's 'Annihilator' Dazzles, Ponders Art as Salvation


Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly column where we check out a first isssue and tell you whether or not to follow that comic based only on that. It's another Grant Morrison work this week, so expect meta-narratives, suppositions on an ultimate reality, all that good stuff. If there's any indication that the magic Morrison machine is slowing down, it isn't in Annihilator, which ponders and intertwines the poles of life and death, art and meaninglessness, creator and creation. It's the story of a Hollywood screenwriter at the end of his mental and physical tether, when his own written creation materializes and suggests a partnership.

Eye-Gougingly Good: The Vintage Sci-Fi Art of Bruce Pennington


Aside from Frank Frazetta, Bruce Pennington is the name to know in terms of vintage sci-fi/fantasy art. The graphic genius composed some of the most iconic covers in the genre's history, including works for the Dune series and the New Sun Cycle. Here's a brief gallery of his maddening designs, from a time before the Apple-induced simplicity we're accustomed to today, when publishers wanted every square inch of the book jacket to scream bizarre adventure, alien vistas, and mind-blowing narratives.


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