5 Gaming GIFs to Help You Understand This Year's Super Bowl

So maybe you're a gamer and you couldn't care less about sports like footbase or rugby ball or what have you. But you've been noticing a lot of things on the internet talking about that big Super Bowl thing that just happened this past Sunday and you'd kind of like to know what happened. Well, relax, because we've got you covered.

At this Super Bowl on Sunday, the Seattle Sea Hawks went up against the Denver Broncos. The game started out something like this:

For the next couple quarters things really only went from bad to worse for the Broncos. The team's dynamic was just off.

As the game went on, it just got plain embarassing for the whole team. It was like they weren't communicating.

It looked like the the Seahawks were going to score a flawless victory.

Eventually the Broncos did manage to score a couple points, but by the time they did, it didn't really matter, the game was basically over.

And that's pretty much all you need to know. Now you, too, can join your friends in these lively sports ball conversations about the athlete players who put points in the score zone.


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