The ABCs of Death Red Band Trailer: Brought To You By The Letters WTF

Gather ‘round children, today’s lesson is entitled “Blood, Gore, and Craziness,” and your teacher will be the red-band trailer for The ABCs of Death, an ambitious anthology horror film featuring segments by 26 different directors, each given a letter of the alphabet and carte blanche to come up with something scary. The results: monsters, chainsaws, masks, and balls-to-the-wall insanity.

The trailer indulges in that hoariest of horror tropes, the creepy children’s song, but nothing else in it could be considered conventional: there’s POV segments, claymation, bad sex, and enough blood to choke a blood god. If you’re a fan of the recent V/H/S, horror in general, or relentless creative whiplash, this one should definitely be on your radar. Also, maybe don’t watch it right before lunch.





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