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With constant updates from Viz’s Neon Alley, it shows how much they hope for this kind of anime distribution will work out. In a sense, it is something that is good for anime fans across the United States, whether they show the particular shows they are into. Online distribution such as Neon Valley, Crunchy Roll, and even Funimation are not only a great way to get the product out to the audience, but to show that there are people out there who are excited towards anime.

Whether it be from the internet or on television thanks to kid’s anime as well as Toonami, it is important for the fan base to make their voices heard. Showing that there are people out there interested only brings out higher quality shows, wider distribution, and (hopefully) lower prices. Yes, there are people out there who will torrent because they feel they can, but it seems that the majority of anime fans will buy something if they have the means and capability.

Now, onto the reviews!


If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again for emphasis, Attack on Titan is a great show. With this episode, First Battle - Battle of Trost Part 1, it packs on many elements that come together perfectly. After Eren faces off against the Colossal Titan, the solders now have to deal with the breach of the second wall. Now, they prepare to battle the Titans and make sure they don’t make it any further than the city of Trost.

Probably the most obvious thing to say about this episode is that the animation is stunning! There is fluid movement in the amazing battle sequences, and many of the character movements are finely detailed and very creative. There is also a huge emotional impact, especially in the third act of the episode. Any viewer who has connected to these characters will have their heartstrings forcibly tugged, especially by the final few frames, which is an out of nowhere twist.

Attack on Titan - First Battle - Battle of Trost Part 1 gets nine stars out of ten.




My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU still seems to stick with the episodic feel with this week’s episode, Once Again, He Turns His Back On The Path from Whence He Came. Hachiman gets a request from his younger sister, Komachi, to help her friend with a family situation.

There isn’t too much to say on this episode. It plays out pretty standard, has a few laughs, and resolves quite nicely. The last few minutes are a kick to the stomach, showing how Hachiman seems to never want to face his inner demons and instead leans towards self-sabotage. The romantic comedy element is still thinly present, which is becoming a bit of a pain at this point.

My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Once Again He Turns His Back On The Path from Whence He Came gets five stars out of ten.




Kasuga’s life becomes much more interesting in this episode of Flowers of Evil, 5 of 13. Continuing on from the previous episode, Kasuga goes on his first date with Saeki around the town, wearing Saeki’s stolen gym uniform under his clothes due to Nakamura’s strange orders. Things intensify on the date when Nakamura gives Kasuga another order, one that both excites and frightens him.

This is one of the stronger episodes of the series thus far, the climax hitting the audience right in the face. It is here where the audience will be split or either dropping off because it is too boring, or latching onto it because of the inner conflicts of the characters that have been brought up.  For those interested in inner conflict, the intensity of the episode doesn’t drop for a second and ends on a very high note.

Flowers of Evil - 5 of 13 gets eight stars out of ten.




The biggest surprise of the week has to belong to Photo Kano, which seems to have taken a drastic turn in tone in its latest episode, Mismatched Romance. As Kazuya and Niimi start hangout more and more, as they did when they were younger, rumors start to spread that the two of them are a couple. However, many of the rumors are negative, saying that Kazuya has no reason to be with anyone who looks as beautiful as Niimi.

It seems that Photo Kano is taking a step away from the fan service to provide some actual drama and storytelling. A lot of the emotion comes from Kazuya, and while it is a bit melodramatic at times, it is used very effectively in almost every frame of the episode. It is a romance that has been building since the first episode, having it not feel rushed or forced by the creators. Hopefully this means that the rest of the season will follow this storyline and keep up the great storytelling that this particular episode did.

Photo Kano - Mismatched Romance gets nine stars out of ten.




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