'Argo' Screenwriter Joins 'Batman vs Superman'

Oscar winning screenwriter Chris Terrio will be reunited with his Argo buddy Ben Affleck in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.

When the news dropped months ago that recently crowned king of directors Ben Affleck had signed up to play the newly visioned Batman/Bruce Wayne role in the Man of Steel sequel, the internet basically broke down. Hardcore geeks worldwide went nuts at the prospect of another Daredevil performance. But Daredevil was ten years ago and both Affleck and superhero movies have moved on a great deal since then.

While there are still some haters circulating online, most of the DC fan base has warmed to Affleck, and in fact his presence has aroused a new found respectability for what DC are trying to achieve in the wake of Marvel's success.

It now seems that DC are even more serious than we first thought with the recent news, first announced by The Hollywood Reporter that they have hired Chris Terrio, this years golden boy of screenwriting, to help mould David Goyer's initial script into a world beater.


This announcement can be taken two ways. Either Warner Bros. isn't convinced by Goyer's first draft or they really want to bring credibility to the writing instead of just getting a special FX nod come awards season.

Little is known of Terrio's knowledge of DC comics, but it's likely he'll get a helping hand from Goyer and Snyder. I've read the Argo screenplay and it was phenomonal, so I pretty much collapsed when I heard this news. 


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