Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed for 'Terminator 5'

Good news for both Terminator fans and Schwarzenegger fans, it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the first three Terminator films (come on, like you don't know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is), is signed on to be in the next installment of the killer-robot franchise (come on, like you don't know what The Terminator is).

Oh hey, you've decided to read more. Well, I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this news means. Especially considering that we got confirmation of Schwarzenegger's involvement on Terminator 5 back in 2011. Of course, since then the film has pretty much been in limbo with directors and writers dropping off and on back and forth all over the place. Now it would appear that the film has a set of writers, Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, attached.

My rule of thumb, though, is to never believe that a movie is going to come out until a trailer drops. And even then, you should be a little cautious. Still, the idea of another Schwarzenegger-starring Terminator is appealing. Especially after 2009's Schwarzenegger-less Terminator Salvation. Ugh.


There, I've met my Schwarzenegger quota for the month.



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