AverMedia Unveils the Live Gamer Portable [DreamHack]

For the video game streamer on the go, AverMedia has announced a new product: The Live Gamer Portable. AverMedia is showing off a prototype demonstration at their booth here at DreamHack where I had the opportunity to try it out.

It has HDMI input/output connections and records 1080p, all with a device the size of a smart phone. You can also choose to record straight onto a SD card and upload at a later time.

Now I tested the card plus streaming on two games. The first one was CoD: Black Ops 2 multiplayer. One thing I was watching my gameplay and the stream side by side and the quality was pretty amazing, except for a tiny bit of noise that was due to small upload bit rate. The second game was Battlefield 3. It's only logical to step up the quality and test how much the Live Gamer Portable can handle. BF3 crashed while trying to access the settings. Of course.

Good thing the Live Gamer Portable can also record console game play!

The Live Gamer Portable has an estimated release date sometime in March 2013.



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