Ben Affleck IS Batman: Kevin Smith Vouches for Him

Naysayers and haters, be gone! While we've all been speculating whether Ben Affleck will do a good enough job pretending to be Batman in the newest Batman Vs. Superman movie, apparently Affleck already is Batman.

Nerd superstar Kevin Smith once visited Affleck's house and had this to say:

[Affleck] brings me into the room and goes, “Look at this.” There’s an office room and this beautiful bookcase… he reached under and he clicked something and all of a sudden the bookcase [opened]. I was like, “No! You built a f**king Batcave?” And he was like “I built a Batcave entrance!”

Smith also said Affleck took the role of Daredevil because he "loved Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns," and believed that was the closest he'd ever get to playing Batman.

Aww! With Warner Brothers' casting explanation, reminiscing on similar reactions to Heath Ledger's Joker announcement, and, unfortunately, the confirmation that Matt Damon will not be his bromate's Robin, this movie is starting to sound, well, like a legitimate movie.

In all seriousness, having a super-fan portray Batman sounds like an awesome idea. Especially when that super-fan is Ben Affleck. 

A picture of what could have been. Would this have made a good comic book movie? Not necessarily. But think of all the fun they could have had. Two best friends, just hanging out. Saving Gotham on a nightly basis. No biggie. 


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