Buffy the Vampire Slayer Revamped

There have been a lot of rumors concerning the undead for the past few weeks. For instance, The Walking Dead writing staff being fired and then not. But on the other spectrum, from brain-dead zombies to vampires, there is the revamp (pun intended) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Calling this a rumor may be going too far, but the film does not have a release date and is still in development, and I personally hope it stays in development hell.

I love Buffy, more the original movie than the series, but I respect both forms. To hear that someone wants to bring Buffy back made me want to light up a pitchfork and rile up an angry mob. I don’t want to give it a chance, especially because Joss Whedon is not on board, nor is he happy.

So I started doing research. First I found out that the remake is a movie and not a show, so I’m not expecting any major character to appear from the television series. I’m okay with that because I’m not deeply attached to any of the secondary characters from the show. In fact, my favorite secondary character is played by Paul Reuben in the 90s film. Secondly, the script is written by a young woman who has only acting, no writing, credits on IMDB. Whit Anderson looks more like she belongs in front of the camera, instead of behind it, but if Buffy is going to be redone I’d rather it be done by a girl. I’m not saying that men can’t create strong female characters (look at Ridley in Alien written by Dan O’Bannon) but I’ve heard Joss Whedon described as one’s “best girlfriend,” so he’s not your typical male screenwriter. Third, there is barely anyone attached to this film. So far all you have is the writer and producers. No possible directors or actors have been announced. If you want more information about the film, try the article in Los Angeles Times.

So, for those freaking out like me over an upcoming Buffy movie, don’t sharpen your stakes yet. This could still fall through. It took about twenty years for Lost Boys to have a sequel come out, not that the studio didn’t try. This could be only one, at possibly numerous, attempts at bringing back one of the most badass vampire slayers in history. Take that Van Helsing and Blade!

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