Call of Duty Esports Player Suspended by MLG for 'Repeated Harassment'

Evil Geniuses' Patrick "Aches" Price has been suspended by Major League Gaming "due to "repeated harassment of MLG employees and conduct detrimental to the league." As a competitive Call of Duty player, Price will subsequently be barred from four MLG Pro League Matches and the NA 2K Tournament.

MLG's official statement on the matter doesn't specify what incidents specifically triggered their decision, but many believe it's due to Price's recent clashes with the league's management. Earlier this year, the league introduced a new rule that stated that MLG coordinated tournaments and matches must be broadcast exclusively on

Price publicly denounced the decision in May, tweeting, "It's simply just MLG being vindictive, power-hungry, spineless, manipulative, and probably a tad upset we told them to fuck off."

MLG even mentions this in their statement, writing, "we fully support Patrick’s right to stream on another platform, however, our rules will continue to prohibit streaming the MLG CoD Pro League and Pro Points Tournaments outside of"

This seems to add some credence to the idea that MLG may have been trying to punish Price for his outburst earlier this year.

The suspension will begin on August 6, which will hopefully give Evil Geniuses enough time to find a substitute player.

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