Channel Surfer: Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2013

Without further ado, here are the Channel Surfer’s Top 10 Best Television Shows of 2013.

10. Venture Brothers

After three long, long years, The Venture Bros. finally returned to TV. Like all great Venture Bros. seasons, it added more to the mythos while also expanding a universe already full of mad scientist, supervillains, and a very unsubtle double agent called Molotov Cocktease.   

9. The Legend of Korra: Book 2, Spirits

Arguably the best animated show in terms of aesthetics, The Legend of Korra retuned for its second season in a grand, if slightly unbalanced way. While many assert that Book 2 didn’t quite live up to its predecessor, I’d dare anyone to talk bad about the beautiful two-part Beginnings, or the Kaiju climax of Light in the Dark.

8. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother rose to greatness this year by A) finally revealing who the “Mother” was, B) shutting up everyone stupid enough to think that Robin was ever going to marry Ted, and C) having the courage to set their entire last season on a three day wedding weekend.

7. Adventure Time

This year’s Adventure Time gave us so many awesome moments. Thanks to an incredibly long fifth season, we saw Jake become a dad, Finn break up with Flame Princess, Finn dealing with his break-up with Flame Princess, BMO’s origins, Ice King bunking with Jake and Finn, and the incredible Simon & Marcy. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the 8th Circuit’s Adventure Time Recaps and judge for yourself!

6. Parks and Recreation

For yet another year, Parks and Recreation continues to be one of the best shows on broadcast television. Leslie Knope keeps on fighting the good fight, even in the face of government corruption and recall election. Plus, we got more of Ron Swanson’s sweet, sweet ‘stache.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If I had a Rookie of the Year award, Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be the winner. Fox has finally embraced the one-camera comedy, centered around a Police Department in Brooklyn, New York. Adam Sandberg, whose post-SNL projects have been hit-or-miss, has finally found his niche as the Nine-Nine’s finest and cockiest Detective. Definitely 2013’s best new comedy.

4. Mad Men

The sixth season of Mad Men saw Don Draper and crew get dragged kicking and screaming into 1968, one of the more dramatic times in American History. We also got a sneak peek into Don’s childhood, and received a very well done story arc that saw his daughter finally come into her own as a character. If this is any indication, the final Seventh Season will be a doozy.

3. Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Special

Yeah, it’s a bit of a cheat, but after nearly a year of anticipation and speculation, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, or The Day of the Doctor, did the next to impossible and lived up to the hype. Seeing David Tennant and Matt Smith share the same scenes was a fan’s dream come true, but add veteran actor John Hurt into the mix? Now you’re talking the stuff of legend. Time Wars, talking doomsday devices, time traveling fezzes, the last 50 years were well worth the wait.

2. Game of Thrones

No, the dragon’s still aren’t here yet, and neither is winter. Westeros really is having the longest summer ever, isn’t it? Still, Game of Thrones continues to be one of the best shows of television thanks to its gritty storytelling, political intrigue, and almost joyful glee in killing any character, no matter how beloved.

1. Breaking Bad

The show that launched a thousand online television reviews. AMC’s critically acclaimed Breaking Bad ended its epic six year run with a bang. Actually, several bangs. In this year’s final season, we saw the great Hisenberg’s kingdom shatter, leaving the old tyrant a shell of his former self. Bryan Cranston gave the performance of a lifetime and gave us all a fitting farewell to the man that would be king.

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