Channel Surfer: 'Twin Peaks'

It’s October, which means its Halloween themed article time! Hooray! Were kicking things off with Twin Peaks, a show created by history’s greatest monster, David Lynch.

Original Run: 1990-1991

Season: 2

No. of Episodes: 30

Premise: The series follows FBI agent Dale Cooper as he tries to solve the murder of Laura Palmer in the odd mountain town of Twin Peaks.

The Show

I’m not exactly sure how to start off on Twin Peaks, mostly because I’m still not sure what happened in Twin Peaks. The show is weird. No, it’s more than that. It’s surreal. Sometimes it’s a campy comedy about a little town full of weirdos, and other times it’s a disturbing horror show. It managed to pull off the “small town with big secrets” trope rather well.

The big draw to Twin Peaks was the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer. From there, the show engrosses you with the unique residents of Twin Peaks, each with their own intriguing inter-connecting story lines. This mixture of murder mystery and soap opera is then taken a step further when the show adds its now famous supernatural elements. If you’ve ever wondered where that weird scene with the red room and backward talking dwarf comes from, this is it.

Unfortunately, Twin Peaks really drops the ball around the middle of Season 2, where the central mystery of Laura Palmer’s death is resolved. It’s a shame too, because everything up to that had been a memorizing ride of comedy and terror. But after the Laura Palmer mystery, the show failed to properly transition into its next story arc. It ends not with a bang, but with a whimper, leaving Twin Peaks as a nice place to visit, but not somewhere you would want to live.

Final Thought

Twin Peaks is something you have to watch at least once, mostly because it’s so short and TV snobs seem to like it. I mean, if all the cool kids are doing something, shouldn’t you be too? Just don’t watch the prequel movie Fire Walk with Me. Keeping true to the franchise’s theme of dualism, the movie is as horrible as the show is brilliant.


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