Christopher Nolan Disagreed With 'Man of Steel' Ending [Spoilers]

Dark Knight Trilogy director and Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan was apparently not a fan of the chosen ending for Man of Steel. In the latest Empire Magazine film podcast, director Zack Snyder and script writer David Goyer talk about having to convince Nolan to accept the film’s ending. Spoilers Below.

Originally, Man of Steel was supposed to end with General Zod and his minions being sucked back into the Phantom Zone. Instead, Snyder decided to alter the script to add Superman snapping General Zod’s neck as a way to explain why Superman never kills. Nolan was against the idea, even checking to see if DC Comics would allow such a controversial ending. It was not until Goyer made the scene a choice between Superman killing Zod or saving an innocent family that finally made Nolan give the go ahead.

Of course, this is not the first time that Superman has killed General Zod on screen. At the end of Superman II (1981), Superman literally throws a depowered Zod into a bottomless hole. Let us also not forget that it was Nolan’s Batman that uttered the famous line, “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you,” and then indirectly killed Ra’s Al Ghul. In fact, most movie superheroes have very little qualms with permanently ending the bad guys.  

Still, the fact that Superman killed someone has left some fans more disconcerted than with other superheroes. For almost a century, associating the words “Superman” and “Killing” has been an oxymoron. What do you think? Should Superman ever be depicted as resorting to murder? Should any superhero? 


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