Clerks 3 - The End of an Era?

Kevin Smith has made quite a name for himself. He started out with his trademark comedy films such Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He even tried his hand at horror\drama with Red State. Now Smith has announced that his last film will be Clerks 3.

In a twitter post, Smith was quoted as saying:

So with the HIT SOMEBODY shift, the minute Jeff Anderson signs on, my last cinematic effort as a writer/director will be Clerks III #TaDa

I'm a fan of Smith's work so I am curious to see how Clerks 3 will play out. If this is last film, how epic will this movie be? To all the fellow Smith fans, what do you think? Should Smith end with Clerks 3? Or should he go out with another film?



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