Comic Review: Colder #4

The fourth issue of Colder is the penultimate chapter, and readers might reasonably expect a big buildup before the harrowing conclusion of the next and final issue. Not the case. What has so far been an interesting, but not terribly dynamic storyline continues in that same direction. In fact, the action seems to slow down a bit as we head toward the series’ conclusion.

Main character Declan has the ability to travel into the Hungry World, a realm that can normally only be seen by the insane. Nimble Jack, a demonic being that feeds on human madness, is pursuing Declan and Reece, his caregiver. The chase has led them through the streets of Boston and into dark dimensions, a trail of bodies in their wake. All this is taking a toll on Reece's psyche. Throughout the last issue, Declan struggled to protect their lives and his companion's sanity, but in the end, ghostly arms reach down from the ceiling of a taxi cab and pulled Reece into the Hungry World.

You would think the next issue would take off from this event, but instead it seems to take a break. There is an interlude in a drug store, then Declan picks up a sidekick, a nameless, crazy, street person. This man finally becomes his conduit into the Hungry World. Once there, they encounter a multitude of horrendous and bizarre creatures, from "bad dogs," to another demonic creature who is wary of their connection to Nimble Jack. Soon, though, Declan finds Jack (or it may be the other way around), and this leads him to Reece.

As I wrote in reviews of previous issues, this series seems to be one long chase. In each issue, Declan and Reece go into the Hungry World, Declan explains some stuff, we leave the Hungry World, Declan explains the same stuff again, Nimble Jack kills somebody, he kills some more bodies, rinse, repeat and repeat again for four issues. We know a lot of the rules of this universe, be we don’t feel any closer to knowing the ‘whys’ of this universe. What is the source of Declan’s powers and why is Nimble Jack so interested in him? We don't feel any closer to the answers then we did with the first issue.

Of course, this is the next to last issue, so a lot of questions may be answered in Colder #5. Despite my concerns with the series I will check the next book out, to see Juan Ferreyra’s continuingly marvelous artwork, and how Paul Tobin brings this all to a conclusion.




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