'Cradle' Gameplay Footage

Indie gamers looking for a high quality game that still maintains a touch of originality may be interested to know about Flying Cafe for Semianimals' new game Cradle. A new video has hit the web with intriguing gameplay for the mysterious game.

After watching the gorgeous video, a lot of questions seem to swirl around the brain. It appears that the player explores the game's open world, although fairly empty, on a quest for items to fix a melancholy female robot. Then there's an abandoned theme park full of cubes that gave me the sense of a new puzzle type game. 

Furthermore, the brief conversation between the protagonist and the robot driving the bus only makes matters even more unclear! What procedure is he referring to? Why does he need glasses? Why has the player lost their memory? And why does the bus robot guy have naughty pin ups of the female robot the player is trying to rebuild?

This teasingly delicious video gives a great preview into the gripping new PC game. No release date has been announced yet, though according to Flying Cafe they were hoping to release the game back in 2012. Flying Cafe has more videos and screenshots of their upcoming game Cradle on their website.



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