Dig a Little Deeper into 'Delver'

Straight from the barren wasteland that is the Android marketplace comes Delver, a charming first-person RPG/roguelike/dungeon crawler. Although seemingly simple, don't let Delver's chunky, pixelated graphics and simple premise fool you: this game is a bastard. And a great one, at that.

You see, Delver is a roguelike, which means that when you die, that's it. Start over, lose all of your loot and progress, and (presumably) deal with it. The game tasks you with diving deeper into a dungeon with the overall goal of retrieving the “Yithidian orb” at the bottom floor, then backtracking all the way to the top. As developer Chad Cuddigan points out, “getting to it may be the easy part.”

It's tough, unforgiving, frustrating, and wonderful. If you're a fan of roguelikes or the more survival/combat oriented aspects of games like Minecraft, you should definitely check this one out.

You can purchase Delver at the game's official site for your Android device ($1.99) or PC/Mac ($5.00).



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