DreamHack: LoL + Blizzard + Tom Clancy

More updates! It's down to the wire, and new announcements are being made almost every hour. Read on for news on League of Legends, Blizzard, and Ghost Recon at this year's DreamHack Winter 2012.

Starting with League of Legends, there will be 8 teams competing for a prize pool of $50,000. The six European teams that are competing are: CLG.EU, Curse.EU, Fnatic.RaidCall, Team Acer, Ozone GIANTS, and TrudniejJuzNieBedzie.

The two remaining teams to compete will be the winning teams from the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) bracket. The top three teams to come out of this tournament will be qualified for the Season Three European Play-In Tournament.


Blizzard Entertainment has also announced that they will have a presence at DreamHack with some very special activities.

First off is the StarCraft Academy, where professional StarCraft II  gamers will be teaching fans about the game.

For the World of Warcraft players, there will be the Jade Serpent Challenge. It's a "challenge mode dungeon contest," although I'm not entirely sure what that is. You will need to BYOC to compete. Of course, winners will get prizes.

If competitive gaming's not your thing, then you can just chill with Blizzard, talk with the European Community Team, or say hi to the Pandaren Monk. You may also have the chance to discuss WoW, SCII, or Diablo III with Blizzard themselves!


Lastly, Ubisoft will also be at DreamHack to promote Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online. You'll be able to compete solo or with a team for a chance to win some Razer gear.




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