Dwayne Johnson Might Get a Spin-Off Between 'Fast 6' & '7'

Let's face it, if you're not even a little excited for Six Fast Six Furious: Tokyo Six, you clearly can't handle the sheer unadulterated awesome that is cars fighting a plane. On a more intellectual note, Fast Five was a surprisingly polished and original action film, and the next movie looks like it's taking that same level of professionalism, and upping the ante on the action. With the series on such a major upswing, the only downside is that we have to wait two years in between installments. According to Dwayne "The Artist Formerly Known as The Rock" Johnson however, we might soon start seeing other films set in the Fast universe.

Back in January of 2011, producer Neal Moritz said that Johnson's character, the DSS agent Luke Hobbs, could get his own movie. Moritz was quoted as saying they were "about to" get a script together, and that Johnson himself was very into the idea.

Now, we're just months away from Fast & Furious 6, with his character playing a pretty major role in its story. In a recent interview with Empire, Johnson revealed that this might lead into that standalone Hobbs movie they were discussing two years ago.

[We could see the Hobbs movie] possibly after this one, after the next one. Possibly. I’m not quite too sure, I know that’s the goal and we continue to build that character and have him take shape. But yes, I can’t wait.

At this point, I'll support just about any new Fast & Furious movies. Any film series that I can watch for a good 9 hours straight (don't judge me), is worth following in my book. And while we're on the subject of spin-offs, it's about time they brought back Suki. The world needs more pink cars.

Fast & Furious 6 lands on May 24th.



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