NA LCS Post-Week 1 Recap [eSports]

Each team played a total of 5 games over the course of 3 days in week 1 of the NA LCS. The one thing that week one proved is that there is one team that everyone should be gunning for: Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 is the only team who came out of week 1 undefeated. When Cloud 9 competed in the LCS Summer Promotion (Quantic Gaming at the time), they completely destroyed Team Astral Poke and took over compLexity's position in the NA LCS.

For 2nd place, we have a third way tie between Vulcun TechBargains, Team Coast, and TSM Snapdragon. Team Coast and Vulcun both show that their performance at the Spring Playoffs were not a fluke and that they should not be taken lightly. TSM is still playing somewhat strong, but they have to fight if they want to keep their title as NA LCS champions.

For 5th place, Counter Logic Gaming and Team Dignitas are tied, and Velocity eSports and Curse are tied for last. The top teams from the Spring Split are struggling so far, especially Curse, CLG and Dignitas. However it's only week 1 of LCS, and anything can happen between now and the Summer Playoffs. After all, Team Coast (Good Game University in Spring) stepped up their game in week of playoffs, when losing in the quarterfinals could potentially mean losing your job (yes, these teams are getting paid to play).


A few games I recommend watching from Day 3 is Velocity vs Dignitas, CLG vs Curse, and TSM vs Curse. Week 2 of the NA LCS begins at 1 PM PDT on Thursday, June 20th, beginning with Cloud 9 vs CLG. Will Cloud 9 continue their domination or will a struggling CLG adjusting to a new team roster be able the one to end Cloud 9's winning streak? Tune into to see!



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