EVO 2013 Breaks Records for Competitor and Spectator Attendance

MOBAs aren't the only thing eSports events on the rise. EVO, the world's preeminent fighting game competition, will take place this weekend in Las Vegas. Early ticket sales indicate that this will be the biggest even they've ever put on, with over 3,500 competitors playing in nine different tournaments including Super Street Fight IV: Arcade Edition and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

"I think the numbers just go to show that fighting game fans love to compete," EVO founder Tom Cannon told GameSpot. "Most of our players know they have almost no shot at winning the tournament. They use the experience to see how they measure up against the best in the world. The open bracket is incredibly important for us. It comes from our arcade roots, where anyone with a quarter could step up and try to knock of the guy on that cabinet."

EVO 2013 will also break its previous record for spectators attending, with tickets to the Sunday finals selling out months in advance.

"At a certain point we all figured it couldn't get any bigger, but every year the players and fans defy expectations," Cannon added. "It's been really rewarding and inspiring to have been a part of something that's lasted for so long and grown into a giant celebration of these great games and competitive gaming in general."

The event will take place at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Friday and Saturday tickets will be sold at the door, but Sunday tickets are long gone. If you can't attend, or want to watch from home, the full stream schedule can be viewed below.



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