Fantastic-Looking 'Hotline Miami' Fan Film Heads to IndieGoGo

Could Hotline: Miami become a compelling non-interactive experience? Director Saman Kesh is hoping to find out, and has launched an IndieGoGo campagin toto try and raise $50,000 for the project. I was pretty much sold after it was described as a mix of Pulp Fiction and Memento.

The Hotline Miami: A Short Film crowdfunding project is currently sitting at around $2000 with 25 days to go. Kesh is describing his vision as, "if Memento met Pulp Fiction in the neon-lit Miami of the 1980s." Fantastic.

In case you're a bit wary about throwing money at a fan film, Kesh has done his homework. He's already put together a sizable teaser, complete with a full breakdown of his take on the story. If nothing else, he seems to have nailed the visual component. Give that a watch below, and head on over tot he IndieGoGo page if you'd like to contribute.


[via Hotline Miami: A Short Film]

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