Final Brackets for 'League of Legends' World Championships Set

Last night concluded the preliminary rounds to see who would be entering the World Championships 2013.  After multiple back and forth matches, Chinese teams Royal Club and OMG are the final entrants into the World Championship games.

The Championships will be broken down into two stages: group and bracket.  Within the initial stages are group A and B consisting of five teams each.  Each of them will play against opposing teams in their group twice, and the top two will progress to the quarterfinals bracket.

Group A: OMG, Lemondogs, Sk Telecom T1, TSM Snapdragon,

Group B: MVP Ozone, Team Mineski, Gamibt BenQ, Fnatic, Vulcun TechBargains

The four teams who placed number one in their countries regionals are automatically placed in the quarterfinals bracket, allowing them to skip the group stages.

Quarterfinals Teams: Royal Club, Cloud 9 HyperX, Gamania Bears, NaJin Black Sword


The World Championships will take place from September 15th through October 5th.


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