'Finding Nemo 2' Gets Albert Brooks

Finding Nemo 2 is a go, guys! Fans of the original Pixar film should be excited to know that not only has Ellen DeGeneres signed on to reprise her role as Dory, Albert Brooks has also signed on to reprise his role as Marlin.

While Brooks has always been a famous actor, his star has risen exponentially as of late due to his memorable turn as a gangster in the Ryan Gosling helmed hit, Drive. Rumor has it that Disney had to shell out quite a large amount of dough to lure Brooks into returning to the Great Barrier Reef.

Now the question is where we will find our favorite talking fish in this sequel. Some were hoping that, by signing DeGeneres first, Disney was subtly telling us that the sequel would revolve around Dory; however, there is no evidence to support that. I, for one, am hoping for something primarily following the Boston lobster duo from the original. They stole every scene that they were in.

The film is set to be released in 2016.

[via Deadline]


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