The First Trailer for '300: Rise of an Empire' Is Here!

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Queen Gorgo. Those worried that the world of 300 couldn't continue without, you know, pretty much every single half-clothed cast member can rest easy. Lena Headey's Spartan queen is a diabolical, warmongering machine, and she's ready to kickstart a whole new kind of war — one where, ideally, her side will actually win.

And it's all legit, guys. 300: Rise of an Empire is Frank Miller inspired and improved, just like its predecessor. The screenplay was adapted from the graphic novel Xerses, Miller's own 300 follow-up. The gist is that Themistokles, the Gerard Butler character of this outing, is going to bad-ass his way to the front of a full-scale rebellion against Xerxes — who, by the way, is the same Xerxes from the first film, weird piercings and all. Things to look forward to? Giant ships colliding, intense (and handily attractive) warrior women like Lena Headey and Eva Green, a guy jumping off a cliff, dramatic monologues with tons of crazy metaphors, and lots and lots of blood. Basically, everything we were hoping for and more.

The much-anticipated Zack Snyder feature will hit theaters on March 7, 2014.



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