'God of War: Ascension' Zeus Trailer: Ride the Lightning

The God of War: Ascension trailers keep on comin’, and America’s brass sections and spooky choirs are thankful for it. This one features Zeus, thunder god and king of Olympus, and all the thunder-and-monarchy-related powers that his mortal servants can unleash in the upcoming game’s multiplayer. So if electrocuting mythical animals is your thing, and you’ve already been banned from your local Renaissance Faire, have we got a game for you!


Still unclear is whether players will be able to use Zeus’s other most famous power: hitting on women while disguised as various animals. The old myths never did explain why turning into a bull or a swan was considered a more effective pickup strategy than just saying “Hey baby, I’m a god,” but then ancient Greece was a strange place. On second thought, maybe it's better that they leave that one out of the game.




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