Hackers Attack Adobe and Compromise 3 Million Accounts

Adobe users beware.  One of Adobe’s servers and three of their product's source codes have been hacked.  But what exactly does this mean for Adobe customers?  

Last Thursday Adobe announced that they had been the target of a major security breach.  Millions of customers had their sensitive and personal data put at risk.

If you have purchased any Adobe products or signed up for Creative Cloud this could affect you.  The company has admitted that hackers managed to pull “customer ID’s, encrypted passwords, names, encrypted credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders” from 3 million users’ accounts.  These customers will be notified by Adobe through e-mail with information on what to do.

Adobe does not believe that any decrypted financial information was obtained by the hackers so your bank accounts should be fine.  You may want to keep an eye on it just in case.

The three Adobe products the hackers cracked into are Acrobat, Cold Fusion, and Cold Fusion Builder.  The company does not believe this incident will increase the risk to customers at all.

Adobe is stepping up and working with financial institutions to protect their customer accounts.  They are also resetting any passwords that were affected and offering customers a one-year complimentary credit monitoring membership where available. 

You can head over to Adobe’s official blog for more information on the security breach.  Remember, if this breach affected your account in any way you will receive an e-mail if you have not already.


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