'Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' Credits Song Revealed

As a franchise well known for its majestic score, the newest film in the Lord of the Rings series certainly does not disappoint when it comes to music selection. The film has commissioned Neil Finn for the title song of The Hobbit. The song, a ballad entitled, “Song of the Lonely Mountain,” will play during the film’s credits.

Here’s Rolling Stone’s description of the song: “With angelic vocals, swooning strings and a slow, determined build, the tune captures the feel of an arduous trek across a rocky, perilous landscape. Metal crashes invoke blacksmiths hard at work forging weapons in the fire while the classical guitar floats between the chants and clattering percussion.” Finn was inspired by a song the dwarves sing in the beginning of the film and his dwarf-y inspiration was encouraged by Peter Jackson and others at the helm of the film. The Hobbit will be released on December 4th and the soundtrack will be released on December 11th.

Give it a listen here.



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