Humble Bundle Goes Mainstream With THQ Bundle

Humble Bundle, acclaimed purveyor of pay-what-you-want collections of indie video games, is dropping the "indie" label for its latest offering: a gaggle of AAA titles from major publisher THQ. Despite the high-profile material, the deal remains the same: customers pay whatever amount they want for the games on offer and specify how much goes to the studio, to charity, and to Humble Bundle itself. Pay over the average (a whopping $5.69), and you get an extra game. If you’ve ever wanted to see a major video game company hold the equivalent of a yard sale, wait no longer.

The titles on offer are fairly eclectic, including the Revelations-themed actioner Darksiders, the moody, dystopian Metro 2033, sci-fi shooter Red Faction: Armageddon, and the war game Company of Heroes, plus its two expansions. The extra game is the loopy open-world crime game Saint’s Row 3, all of which sounds like a pretty good deal for six bucks and up.

So if you’ve been waiting on any of those games to be dirt-cheap (or looking for budget-friendly Christmas gifts, and you can figure out a way to gift-wrap a bunch of Steam keys), now’s the time.



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