Humble Weekly Sale: Zen Studios Contains 8 'Pinball FX2' Packs

The latest Humble Weekly Sale has launched, this time featuring the pinball games of Zen. The pay-what-you-want package contains more than 20 pinball tables, including Star Wars and Marvel.

Paying $1 or more will unlock Steam keys for Pinball FX2 - Core Pack, Pinball FX2 - Zen Classics Pack, Pinball FX2 - Earth Defense Table, Pinball FX2 - Paranormal Table, Pinball FX2 - Epic Quest Table!

Pay more than $6 and you will also receive Pinball FX2 - Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles Pack, Pinball FX2 - Star Wars Pack and Pinball FX2 - Marvel Pinball Pack!

You can purchase the bundle here. It will last until the next one goes live in a week.


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