iPhone Review: Nano Ninjas

Nano Ninjas from Bad Chunk is an epic tower defense game in which a battle ensues between the samurai robot army and your army of loyal ninjas. It's a war between good and evil in which good will ultimately triumph in a fit of awesomeness. But is this game as utterly amazing as it sounds?

The story is an ageless tale. You and your best friend have been hanging out for ages. You've had the same teachers and it doesn't seem like anything could ever tear you apart. However, your friend somehow gets possessed by a jade amulet which causes him to turn evil. Because of this, he creates a robot army to do his bidding and you must defeat this army before all of ninja-kind is destroyed in his wake. I assume he eventually wants to conquer the world as well, though the game never says so.

The actual game mechanics are really easy to master. From the left comes the evil robots who are intent on destroying everything in their path, including you and everything you happen to hold dear. To destroy them, you must summon your troops to the field. Each one costs some amount of zen, which slowly regenerates overtime.

You can also cause your ninjas or monks to meditate, if you have zen crystals, which will give you more zen more quickly. If you gain five zen crystals then you will have the power to summon a dragon which will then destroy every enemy in a given row. There is little more satisfying than that.

As the game progresses both you and the enemy will unlock new troops. Because of this your strategy must adapt as the difficulty increases. Your troops range from ninjas to pandas with slingshots each of which has their own unique attacks. Some of them can be upgraded on the field of battle which makes them more powerful but also costs some amount of zen.

Your score is determined by a number of things including how many of your troops died, the number of robots destroyed, how much Zen you have left over, and how many bombs you needed to use. As a general rule of thumb more Zen and less bombs is always better.

This game is extremely addictive. There is something incredibly satisfying about making robots explode into little puffs of smoke. It can be a difficult game, but not to the point of extreme frustration and certainly not to the point of throwing your iPhone at things. Instead, this game was ridiculous amounts of fun and if you're looking for something challenging and awesome then this is the game for you.





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