'Iron Man 3' Prequel Comic Will Reveal Where War Machine Was during 'The Avengers'

Joss Whedon’s Avengers was very well received, making it one of the most successful super hero films ever. However, one question remains in the back of every true fan’s mind: where was War Machine?


War Machine was introduced in Iron Man 2, when Tony Stark’s dear pal James "Rhodey" Rhodes is forced to don the  Mark II armor for an intervention with a drunken Stark. Rhode's helping hand would have been a great asset against Loki during the New York battle. So where was he?

According to Marvel Comics, fans will soon get their closure. Iron Man 3 Prelude, a two issue miniseries, will be released in January 2013. This will fill the gaps between Iron Man 2 and the upcoming sequel, while also revealing the whereabouts of War Machine during the events of The Avengers.

Avengers Academy writer Christos Gage and Fantastic Four illustrator Steve Kurth have been attached to the project.

“As Tony Stark prepares for his next venture, he tasks War Machine with a mission of his own,” reads Marvel’s solicitation for the series. “War Machine faces his biggest test as a hero, while Iron Man takes on the Battle of New York."

The January release date is ideal, giving super hero junkies plenty of time to catch up before Iron Man 3 opens in theaters on April 26, 2013.



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