It's the 50th Anniversary, and 'Doctor Who' Is Bringing Whovians Three Amazing Things

Whovians everywhere can finally mark their calenders with a start date for the second half of Series 7 of the beloved show. But a start date isn’t the only thing fans of the show have been looking forward to, oh no. The Doctor is turning 50 (in television years) old this year. Fans have been chomping at the bit to find out just what exactly is going to be done with the anniversary, and they finally got, somewhat, of an answer.

Birmingham Mail reported that all eleven incarnations of the Doctor would be portrayed in some way for the anniversary. Needless to say fans are thrilled, but what else is going on in light of the 50th anniversary?

Well for starters, stamps! That’s right; the Royal Mail is going to get a little more timey wimey than usual. Earlier this month Hero Complex reported that beginning on March 26th (4 days before the air date) the Royal Mail will be offering stamps for each of the 11 Doctors. Stamp collectors everywhere are jumping for joy I’m sure. In addition to the Doctors there will also be a sheet devoted to some of the better known villains. I for one would love to send my bills in featuring Weeping Angels, you never know what could happen.



Another notable collector’s item will be in the form of a commemorative coin created in New Zealand. The coin is legal tender (amounting to about 2 dollars) and will feature every one’s favorite time machine, the TARDIS. What’s better than a coin with a TARDIS on it? A coin with a TARDIS on it that comes in a TARDIS shaped container! This coin will be released at the World of Money Fair next week. There is also talk of more coins this year featuring each doctor.



So we have had stamp and coin collecting so far, what else could they possibly do? Well, starting on the anniversary (November 23rd) fans will get a Doctor Who short story and will continue getting one on the 23rd of every month this year. These stories will be based on each Doctor and will be written by a famous writer. Who is writing these stories is still a mystery, but they are sure to be fantastic. According to the BBC, the writer of Artemis Fowl will be writing the first of the series.

So there you have it, 50 years of science fiction all honored in a variety of different ways. The Doctor would be proud!




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