James Cameron Hires a Writer for 'Avatar' Novels, Says All Entertainment Will Be 3D in the Future

James Cameron's Avatar franchise is expanding at an alarming rate. First it was a movie, then it was a video game, and now it's three more movies and four standalone novels to boot. Cameron has tapped sci-fi author Steven Charles Gould (Jumper, the novel not the movie) to write a series of books to accompany his Avatar films.

“Steven Gould is one of the shining lights in contemporary science fiction, and I’ve long admired the worlds and characters he’s created in his books and stories," Cameron said. "We’re very fortunate to have Steven bring his formidable talents to the Avatar universe.  He is already working closely with me and the screenwriters to flesh out the expanding world of Avatar."

In a weird bit of follow-up news, Cameron stated to the BBC that in the future, all entertainment will be in 3D. Presumably, he was not including the aforementioned novels in this remark.

"For me it’s absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D, it’ll all be 3D eventually, because that’s how we see the world," he said. "When it’s correct and convenient for us, we pre-select for that as the premium experience."

Cameron of course is one of the biggest proponents of 3D in feature filmmaking, having basically kindled Hollywood's fascination with it through Avatar. Avatar 2 is currently scheduled to be released in December 2016.


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