Kermit the Frog Reveals Details for 'The Muppets' Sequel

Those lucky reporters over at Entertainment Weekly managed to gain an exclusive interview with Kermit the Frog today, and everyone’s favorite green amphibian opened up about the plot of the follow-up to 2011’s The Muppets. For starters, he revealed the film’s official title, the very appropriate The Muppets…Again! Read the meatier portion of Kermit’s comments after the jump.

In the interview, Kermit reveals,

The idea of this film is that our gang is on this global tour, and we’re selling out these grand theaters all over Europe—in Berlin, Madrid, London—but we sort of get into a little bit of trouble when we run across my doppelganger. He’s the world’s number one criminal, Constantine, and he happens to look an awful lot like me. I won’t tell you any more than that, but let’s just say mayhem ensues.

So, it sounds like The Muppets…Again! will have many connections to classic Muppets movie and TV. Filming in London will be a bit of a homecoming for the group as the entirety of The Muppet Show was filmed there, and the use of a Kermit doppelganger is not unlike The Muppets, which starred a frog named Kermoot in a small role. Additionally, Nicholas Stoller, one of the film’s co-writers who also co-wrote the last Muppets film, has revealed that the film will include elements of a heist film, much like the 1981 classic, The Great Muppet Caper. All of this should be good news for both audiences and critics not named Statler or Waldorf.

Walter, the breakout Muppet star from The Muppets, has signed a deal to return, as has Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and the rest of the Muppet gang. However, Jason Segel, the human star of the previous film, has declined a role. New cast members include Tina Fey as a Russian prison guard, Ty Burrell as an Interpol agent, Ricky Gervais as Constantine’s sidekick Dominic, and Ray Liotta in an unspecified role. Liotta previously appeared in Muppets in Space and Gervais filmed scenes for the 2011 film that were ultimately deleted. The actors’ returns to the Muppet universe may provide a good opportunity for some classic Muppet meta-humor.

Keep in mind that the cast list is far from complete, as dozens of other celebrities will undoubtedly make cameos.

The Muppets…Again! will be released March 21, 2014. My excitement for it can only be summed up by the wise words of my favorite Scandinavian culinary artist: Bork, Bork, Bork! *throws utensils everywhere*



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