Kevin Smith Calls 'Tusk' His 'Best Flick,' Will Debut a Trailer at Sundance

Kevin Smith has just revealed a bunch of information on Tusk, his crazy, upcoming, walrus-themed horror movie. The film wrapped principal photography last month, with two more days of additional filming to go with a mystery actor.

Smith first revealed that Tusk will not be heading to the 2014 Sundance Film Festival as planned. Instead, the director wants to polish it a little longer, add that scene with the "mystery actor," and get the film scored by Chris Drake, composer on The Dark Knight Returns animated movies.

Now the current plan is to debut a trailer at Sundance, where Smith will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Clerks.

However, if you really want to see it soon, Smith will be hosting early screenings for Smodcast listeners in the coming weeks.

"Tusk is the best flick with which I’ve ever been involved. Holy shit, did Michael Parks and Justin Long CRUSH it! This flick is like porn if you like to watch actors emote and say fucked up things about shipwrecks and sharks and Ernest Hemmingway and walruses and terror and madness," Smith wrote on his blog

He also praised his cinematographer James Laxton, calling Tusk, "the best looking flick on my resume now, with composition that looks like it belongs to a far better film."


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