Kevin Smith Hockey Movie To Be Kevin Smith Hockey Minseries, Says Kevin Smith

Hit Somebody, Kevin Smith’s long-promised, Warren Zevon-referencing hockey movie, has taken yet another strange turn. According to Smith himself on his podcast, he ran into some difficulty in finding backers for a planned two-film series from a famously idiosyncratic director about America’s seventh favorite sport. So instead, he’s chosen a new form for the project altogether: a television miniseries.

Smith claims that the series will go into production next year, though he declined to name the network involved. Slashfilm speculates that it might be AMC, the current airer of Smith’s reality series Comic Book Men, and that seems like a pretty good guess. But considering the history of this particular project, hockey fans starving from the NHL lockout probably shouldn’t start holding their breath just yet.

What the hell, let’s all just listen to the titular song again, because it’s never a bad time to be reminded that Warren Zevon was awesome.




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