Kickstarter Launches for Uncle Ruckus Movie

Television’s ultimate Uncle Tom is back! Well, sorta. The creators of The Boondocks have started a Kickstarter campaign for the creation and distribution of a live-action Uncle Ruckus film starring Gary Anthony Williams, the voice of Uncle Ruckus. For those not familiar with the character, Uncle Ruckus is an elderly African American man who plagues The Boondocks cast with his extremely racist white supremacist philosophy.

Fans of The Boondocks know that Uncle Ruckus’s racism is the stuff of legend. My personal favorite moment was when he tried to exorcise a Black ghost with a job application. A live action film could be one of the funniest “racial” comedies since the Friday Trilogy, or it could end up being a horribly, horribly offensive undertaking. Or both.  

Judge for yourself at the Kickstarter page here.


[Via ComicsAlliance

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