Humanity + Satan vs. Rampaging Jesus: Kevin Smith is Definitely Not Retiring

Kevin Smith has shared a new script on his Facebook page, despite numerous announcements of his intent to retire from film after upcoming walrus-themed horror flick Tusk.  Despite his portly appearance, Kevin Smith is apparently not one to rest on his laurels; "Helena Handbag" is dated Dec. 30, 2013, with text indicating that it is based on a story from the SModcast "The (C)rapture."

The script is credited to Smith and his frequent collaborator Scott Mosier.

The new movie will have humanity teaming up with Hell and Satan against "a Rapturing giant Jesus," and will probably give Smith and friends plenty more opportunities to counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church again in the future, with signs like the famous "Dick tastes yummy" sign.

Smith said in his Facebook post, and has said similarly before, that he's "only ever gonna make a flick that only [he] would/could ever make ... Granted, this time the plot of the movie concerns mankind teaming up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a Rapturing giant Jesus — which means the budget has to be LOW, because NOBODY’S gonna wanna make that movie. At all." He's also said, perhaps due to that belief, that the movie is "a ways off." Smith should probably look at the news-crashing Satanic Temple. 

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