LCS 2013 NA Summer Split: W2D1 [eSports]

LCS 2013 NA Summer Split: W2D1

LCS 2013 Summer Split's second week starts with an unexpected win from Counter Logic Gaming, legendary plays from Team Solo Mid, reckless dives from Curse and a base race between Coast and Dignitas.


GAME 1: C9 vs CLG

The first match of the afternoon pits Cloud 9 against Counter Logic Gaming. Cloud 9 is the favorite between the two, having garnered a 75% online vote in their favor after ending the first week of the LCS 2013 Summer Split undefeated. C9 started their tactical match by banning Karthas and Twisted Fate to disrupt CLG from being able to form global pressure compositions as well as a ban against the Flavor of the Patch jungler, Nunu. CLG responded by banning popular team initiators Zac, Rumble, and Thresh.

Starting the match, C9 decides to invade CLG's jungle to steal red buff. However, CLG has the brush warded and bands together in mid to fight for their jungle. CLG's Orianna picks up First Blood on Lee Sin and CLG's Jayce picks up the kill on Ezreal. Mid-match, C9 attempts to restore the balance of the game in their favor with a successful gank bringing the kill score to 2-3.. Just when the game is even a team fight breaks out  and CLG pulls ahead with no deaths, bringing the score to 6-2 before finishing the game on a strong note 14-6 and crushing the enemy base.


TSM bans Draven, Thresh, and Kennen to thwart VES from composing a team that could counter their ADC and support lane. VES bans strong poke and duelist champions Elise, Jayce and Kha allowing TSM's "TheOddOne" to pick up the deadly Zac and TSM "Reginald" to snag the global pressure champion, Karthas.

However, the ban on Elise was not enough to keep a spider out the match; "Reginald" paused the game so "TheOddOne" could kill a spider that landed on Reginald in the playing booth.

The spider kill foreshadows what was to come in the minute the game resumed. TSM invades VES's jungle in seach of the red buff where they find the supporting Lissandra and murder her to secure First Blood. "WildTurtle" takes VES's red buff which enables him to wipe out the top lane insanely fast due to his range and extra true damage on Caitlyn. TSM's support "Xspecial" plants wards deep into VES's jungle, granting vision for counter-jungle plays as well as safety for the fed AD carry "WildTurtle."

VES never recovers from their early game loss and can do nothing to stop "WildTurtle" from snowballing as he moves from lane to lane like a mobile wrecking ball. "WildTurtle's" impeccable timing is able to catch Vladimir after his Blood Pool with a quick Peacemaker. VES's "Maplestreet" goes for the recall but not before WildTurtle is able to use Ace in the Hole to lock onto him. "Maplestreet's" recall brings him to his fountain safe zone but "WildTurtle's" ult chases him across the map and strikes "Maplestreet" for the killing blow.

In a matter of minutes the rest of TSM crashes through VES's base and shatters the Nexus, ending with a dominating score of 34-7.



Game 3's bans focuses were on eliminating Flavor of the Patch champions, including jungle Nunu and top lane Ryze, which allowed both teams the freedom to build their best compositions. Vulcun went with a strong poke and dive strategy with Jayce, Kennen and Lee Sin while Curse went with strong laning and crowd control champions with Leona, Draven and Jarvan IV.

Early team pushes from both teams and each win a turret, Curse gets the top turret while Vulcun gets the middle turret. VUL takes advantage of their positioning and snag a free four minute dragon bringing VUL into the gold lead. CRS goes to capitalize on their strong early game composition with a dive onto VUL's bottom lane. However, VES's bottom lane manages to survive the assault while CRS is forced to retreat with both Leo and Draven heavily damaged. CRS goes to escape but "V mancloud" on Jayce comes and snipes off Leona for First Blood and Tristana snags Draven for the second kill brings VUL in the lead with 2-0.

CRS attempts to even out the game by going for the mid turret, however, VUL is able to defend and grab the ace bringing them further ahead in kills 9-2.

After slowly building themselves to the late game dynamic, "V Xsmithie" initiates a fight using Dragon's Rage to kick CRS's Malphite into his team who they devour and continue to dine on all of CRS, pushing for the 18-4 win in 35 minutes.



Coast and Dignitas open the game by setting up their lanes to counter each other, CST goes for the farm starve on mid against Dignitas's "Kiwikid" while DIG forces "ZionSpartan" on Rumble to stall against DIG's ADC and support lane. DIG's Thresh lands the hook on "ZionSpartan", enabling Draven to drop heavy damage on Rumble who retreats but DIG's Twisted Fate uses his ult to intercept the critically low Rumble. DIG's "Kiwikid" unexpected move gets the First Blood on Rumble. However, "Kiwikid" sees that he will be unable to escape the incoming CST Blitzcrank so he opts for a turret execution.

DIG's strategy of globalling CST players using "scarra's" Zed and Twisted Fate to corner people under their turret before shoving the lane and destroying the turret works with great success. The game strategy quickly turns into a CST vs DIG base race where "scarra" cleaves through the bottom lane while CST forces DIG into 4v5 fights, catching up to them in kills 9-11.

After a close call with CST breaking through DIG's mid and onto the Nexus turrets, DIG bands together for a final fight that pulls even "scarra" away from his solo push to join. CRS "Kiwikid" did a surprise initiation, using his Destiny ultimate into the middle of CST who surrounds him and unleash their ultimates for an easy kill. However, "Kiwikid" cleverly uses his Zonya's Hourglass to avoid the incoming damage and flashes away from Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab which instead pulls Draven into range to slice their team. Draven gets a quick double kill while the rest of DIG flanks and picks off the remaining CST members for the ace to win in this close game that swiftly went from a close 11-9 to a dominating 16-9.


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