'League of Legends' World Championship Ticket Prices Announced

Starting tomorrow, tickets for the League of Legends World Championship go on sale.  Via their Esports News page, Riot released ticket prices and information on hotels that they have partnered with for the weeks of the tournament.

Ticket prices are as follows and purchase you a reserved seat at the location:

  • Group Stage - Culver Sound Studios, September 15-21: $20 per day
  • Quarterfinals - Culver Sound Studios, September 23-24: $30 per day
  • Semifinals - Galen Center, September 27-28: $30-60 per day
  • Finals - Staples Center, October 4: $40-100

The hotels partnered with offer these deals if you plan on staying in Los Angeles to watch the games:

  • Biltmore Hotel: $202 per night. Mention code: 1310RIOTGM
  • Standard Hotel Downtown: $235-265 per night. Discount via phone reservation (1.866.670.8686, mention code: Riot Games Block).
  • Los Angeles Athletic Club: $299 per night. Discount via phone reservation (213.625.2211, mention code: TOUR).

Compared to the 2012 World Championships, ticket prices have gone up significantly, but the venues are a little nicer as well.  If you're interested in attending the event, tickets go on sale through TicketMaster starting at 12 PM PDT.  Jump on it!  If last year is any indication, tickets will sell out pretty quickly.


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