Magician David Copperfield Files a Trademark 'DC' Comic Books

World famous magician David Copperfield has made an... interesting legal move. He's gone ahead and registered the name "DC" for a number of product types, including comic books. I have a feeling another comic book company may take some issue with that.

Copperfield has registered the trademark alongside this logo:

His trademark application covers, among others:

paper goods, namely, calendars, notebooks, posters and stickers; photograph albums, autograph books, binders, bookends, series of fiction books, memo pads, comic books, comic strips, cartoon strips, children activity books, story books, coloring books, comic books, diaries; series of books in the field of magic; blank journal books; paper and cardboard articles, namely, paper party favors, paper party bags, printed invitations, trading cards; office supplies, namely, ball point pens, envelopes, staplers; school supplies, namely, color pencils, erasers, note paper, pen or pencil holders, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pen and pencil cases, pens, writing paper, writing implements

DC has not officially commented on the situation, but one can imagine they're not all too happy about it.


[via Bleeding Cool]

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