Mark Millar, Frank Quitely Promise a New Superhero Epic in 'Jupiter's Legacy'

Comic-book writer Mark Millar has teamed up with artist Frank Quitely to create Jupiter’s Legacy, a superhero epic set to be published by Image Comics starting this April. Described by Millar as “his Star Wars”, the series promises to be an ambitious exploration of what the comic-book medium can do.

Millar is best known for his creator-owned titles Wanted, Kick-Ass and its sequels, as well as his work for Marvel Comics, including The Ultimates and its sequel. The Scottish writer has also done work for DC Comics, including Superman: Red Son. Frank Quitely, also Scottish, is best known for his frequent collaborations with writer Grant Morrison, including Flex Mentallo, New X-Men, All-Star Superman, and Batman and Robin. Quitely previously collaborated with Millar on The Authority, a comic published by the DC imprint Wildstorm Comics.

As of yet, very little is known about Jupiter’s Legacy, previously titled Jupiter’s Children, with very little art released and next to nothing being known about the story. A preview of the artwork for the series can be seen at The Hollywood Reporter here. Millar has described the series as akin to The Lord of the Rings with a superhero flavor. The story is said to span generations and include a cast of characters numbering in the hundreds. Millar has stated he does not plan on optioning the film writes until the initial miniseries is completed.

Jupiter’s Legacy, the first of the three planned miniseries by Millar and Quitely, looks to be an ambitious project for the acclaimed duo and will hopefully live up to the hype surrounding it. Another science-fiction epic, Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga, has recently found success at Image Comics, so that bodes well for this particular comic epic’s chances. Look for it in your local comic-book shop come April, I know I will.



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