Matthew Vaughn Rumored to be in Talks for Star Wars 7

There’s been a list of directors floating around online that are in the running to film the new Star Wars installment. Of this list, Matthew Vaughn seems the most promising. Vaughn was attached to direct the next X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men First Class. Vaughn recently dropped out of the project and handed the reigns to Bryan Singer, X-Men’s screenwriter and producer.

Collider believes that Vaughn dropped out so that he can film Star Wars Episode VII. Other directors like Joss Whedon and Steven Spielberg were rumored to also be in the running, but they are already committed to films coming out in the next two years.

Although Vaughn is best known for his X-Men series, he also directed Stardust, a charming fantasy feature. Perhaps this film provides evidence that Vaughn possesses palpable skills to bring to the legendary fantasy series that is Star Wars.


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