Where's the E3 Hype for These Titles?

I'm loving all the attention certain games are getting pre-E3, what with theories, previews, and franchise retrospectives being featured on many sites. However, there are lots of games out there that are certain to come to E3, or at least should be at E3, that barely anyone is talking about! Let's take a look at some of these forgotten titles!

Game of Thrones (Telltale) 

Am I the only one who is incredibly pumped for this? Doubtful, seeing as the show is currently the biggest thing since sliced bread. 

I know it isn’t a AAA game, and Telltale has produced some jittery games in the past, but if their recent releases (The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us) are any indication, they are getting better and better at polishing their engine. Not only that, but an adventure game is the perfect format for such a story-heavy franchise, and if there is one thing Telltale is good at, it's creating a compelling story!

I fully expect this to be the Game of Thrones game fans deserve (unlike the infamous 2012 one), and I for one am totally psyched to see it in action! 

Mirror’s Edge 2 (Dice)

Ah, Mirror’s Edge. You were great, yet so overlooked. Your fluidity was spectacular, your level design exemplary, and your musical score absolutely breathtaking.

Fans, including myself, clamored for a sequel for years, but were met with cryptic answers and uncertain words.

Until last year, of course.

When that teaser trailer capped off the E3 2013 EA Conference, and the crowd went mad the moment your unique gameplay was displayed on screen, I got shivers. Goosebumps. Whatever. It was exhilarating.

The company has been pretty silent about the title ever since, only dropping a few hints that it was to be a prequel/reboot of sorts.

I can only hope we get some more info, and potentially in-game footage, this year. If what Dice has done these last few years can be applied to Mirror's Edge,  I'll need a change of pants come gametime.

Speaking of Dice...

Star Wars Battlefront (Dice)

Well, there isn’t much to say here. Just like Mirror’s Edge, the Star Wars Battlefront reveal last year had the crowd going bonkers.

After repeated cancellations (Star Wars Battlefront 3, Star Wars 1313) continually crushed fans' nerdsticles, this new game is, well, a new hope for Star Wars interactive entertainment. 

With the Star Wars hype train at full steam at the moment, what with a new movie on the way, there is no way we aren’t getting new game footage at this year’s conference.

If we’re lucky, we’ll also get to see all sorts of other Star Wars games too!

Dishonored II (Arkane)

Dishonored is arguably one of the best games of the last generation, so it’s a mystery why people aren’t talking about this one more in the pre-E3 coverage! Heck, we even got a leaked Bethesda fact sheet about the game back in March that not only confirms it’s coming to the show, but also explains what to expect from the title! It’s supposed to take place in a place called Tyvia, feature a new main character, and a whole slew of other cool features!


If they can take everything that made the first game great (the large areas, the player choices, etc) and bring it to current consoles, the adventure will be huge and probably a nominee for Game of Show!

Sleeping Dogs 2/Triad Wars (United Front Games)

After the first game did very well, United Front Games confirmed that a sequel (of sorts) was being developped. Known as Triad Wars, it was to take place in the same universe as Sleeping Dogs and... well, that's all we know. 

Last year, the developper tweeted a blurry off-screen shot of the game:


Can't see much, but it looks like more shirtless action awaits us!

The developer was quoted once as saying Triad Wars was something they wanted to do for ages, so one can only imagine they'll have something ready to show off at this year's show. I have a feeling, though, that it might be rebranded as a sequel to the first game to cash in on the property's name. We know how their publisher, SquareEnix, likes to rebrand things, such as... 

Final Fantasy XV (SquareEnix) 

Sure, the game previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a big one, but the hype has been practically non-existent! Is it because we’re tired of waiting after... 6.. 7... bah, I lost count how many years.


I haven't seen many speculation articles or videos, so I can only assume people feel they already know what they need to know about the game. I, however, am curious to see where it's at now that it's getting the PS4/XBONE treatment.  It looked great before, so imagine what they might do with said consoles' power?

Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly)

After the fiasco that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, I understand the public's reluctance to get excited about a new Alien game, but c'mon people. This thing looks AMAZING. Not only that, the team behind it look like incredibly huge fans of the film. Have you seen all their developper diary videos? Lots of great info in there, not to mention teasers.

Not only are the graphics looking sick (check out that lighting), the promise of having a non-scripted alien A.I. sounds fantastic. Of course, only time will tell if they can deliver on the promise... but until then, this title needs way more hype behind it. It might actually revolutionize the way we deal with stalker-type enemies in games!

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Dennaton)

The new Hotline Miami game does look like more of the same, yes, but it also promises to offer all sorts of new abilities, characters, and gameplay tweaks! The first one was a huge hit, what with its fast, twitchy gameplay and visceral violence, so I'm shocked we aren't seeing more speculation regarding this one. 

Well, there you have it. My short little list of games that I thought deserved a bit more hype. Do you have a list of your own? Share below!  

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Scottie is a dreamer, lover, and sometimes a fighter (by sometimes, we mean never). He currently resides in Montreal, Canada, where he tries not to remember that he hates snow. You can follow him on Twitter @Scottie_Mick
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Eric Diebel's picture

I'm definitely excited for a new Mirror's Edge game. I think it's a gameplay mechanic that deserves further exploration, and a better executed story.

I think we've all been pretty well conditioned to have low expectations for movie/television licensed video games. The odds that a Game of Thrones game will be anything other than a generic hack and slash seem pretty long, and storytelling in video games just isn't, on average, up to snuff.

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